Buzzing artist 10 cellphones drops banger bread up

North Carolina artist 10 cell phones dropped another hot banger bread up. A classic sound he brings to the table as always, this is a mellow track you can kick back and roll a blunt to. 10 Cellphones has been making some noise in the underground scene for some time now and making some noise in his city this is definitely an artist I would invest my time into. 10 cell phones never seemed to disappoint me you can check out the track below.




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Photo creds:@rawcommnc

Travis Scott gives us a feel on his upcoming album

Travis Scott tweeted “May I supply the rage on this next album. My conscience is on fright night at six flags” so I am assuming there will be a lot of rage but fun vibes on this album and I personally can’t wait.

Supremee Jayy drops song runaways

Supremee Jayy drops song runaways which gives off a playful and fun vibe. The song runaways is 1 minute and 54 seconds long and will take you to a place of relaxation and make you feel as if you where on a tropical Island. Supreemee jay song run away is available on Spotify You can follow the artist below.


Fefe streams over 25 million times under a week

Fefe has been streamed over 25 million times under a week. Fefe features Nicki Minaj and is produced by Murda Beatz hours after the music video shoot rapper tekashi 6ix9ine’s chain was snatched people are now wondering is this for promo or is it, real people.


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