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Artist Spotlight of the Day Fairy boy

We chose the artist Fairy boy as artist as the day. We don’t have much information on this artist as of now.
His image is real mysterious, he uses 8bit fun samples in his music production. This mysterious image makes people want to know about him even more.

Our favorite song from the artist is a night in fairy land so don’t be afraid to check it out above.

You can follow fairy boy below.

Who is The Cat In Da Hat that can Rap Interview

This week to kick new years off we interview the Atlanta Rapper Yoshi. Yoshi has been making big moves in 2018 opening for prime artist such as the Migos, and selling out his own shows.

You can follow yoshi below

Imlilchubby more than a musician

This week we are showcasing imlilchubby. Imlilchubby is more than a musician he has Worked with the Nfl, many non profit organizations and charities but he is mainly known for his concert photography and portraits.

Imlilchubby is located in Atlanta Georgia , he currently has one song on all major streaming platforms called Easter. And is currently making more music. We got to interview imlilchubby and he told us that he is more than a musician. The path he is taking has to be very precise and done right as he doesn’t want to be put into a box.
He has a strongo plan and we see him blowing up within a year or two with the songs and features he has.

About his photography? Amazing. Imlilchubby takes some of the best concert photos and portraits I have seen .
You can see all of his photo work in best quality in the link below.

What else does he do?
He does fashion. Imlilchubby is currently making most of his income of selling clothes online and collabing with collaborators


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