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Artist Spotlight of the Day Fairy boy

We chose the artist Fairy boy as artist as the day. We don’t have much information on this artist as of now.
His image is real mysterious, he uses 8bit fun samples in his music production. This mysterious image makes people want to know about him even more.

Our favorite song from the artist is a night in fairy land so don’t be afraid to check it out above.

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Who is The Cat In Da Hat that can Rap Interview

This week to kick new years off we interview the Atlanta Rapper Yoshi. Yoshi has been making big moves in 2018 opening for prime artist such as the Migos, and selling out his own shows.

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Imlilchubby more than a musician

This week we are showcasing imlilchubby. Imlilchubby is more than a musician he has Worked with the Nfl, many non profit organizations and charities but he is mainly known for his concert photography and portraits.

Imlilchubby is located in Atlanta Georgia , he currently has one song on all major streaming platforms called Easter. And is currently making more music. We got to interview imlilchubby and he told us that he is more than a musician. The path he is taking has to be very precise and done right as he doesn’t want to be put into a box.
He has a strongo plan and we see him blowing up within a year or two with the songs and features he has.

About his photography? Amazing. Imlilchubby takes some of the best concert photos and portraits I have seen .
You can see all of his photo work in best quality in the link below.

What else does he do?
He does fashion. Imlilchubby is currently making most of his income of selling clothes online and collabing with collaborators

Basic!* by Unodavid produced by juggmingo

New York up an coming artist Unodavid drops Basic! produced by juggmingo. Unodavid has been on the rise in 2018 getting recent press throughout the year from websites like broke2dope. Not to mention establishing a strong online presence gaining thousands of views on Sound cloud, and reached over 10k+ on Instagram with an occult following. The following seems to be a young crowd and mainly a female audience that has endless possibilities. His music can consist from either club bangers, introverted, chill, and on the contrary playful and fun.

Regarding this current track basic the production is very simple and effective. The melody is fun and playful. The vocals are well mixed and mastered you can tell the engineer put time and effort into this. Uno David has a unique vocal sound that is cloud hip-hop, auto-tune and his own style put together. Uno David’s music sticks out from the pack with his uniqueness and his image as well. The artist is very fashionable and knows how to dress and might have a career in fashion in the future.

I suggest that everyone give his past works a listen on Soundcloud, and follow this musician on all social media platforms and invest in him while you have the chance. The artist has future songs with hype to drop such as On tha block featuring Slime Sito produced by Ronny J . With that said my prediction is mid-2019 Uno will have signed a deal with a major powerhouse label.

Where you can you follow unodavid?

CrispyCam fuck a friend

CrispyCam fuck a friend just dropped and it is already hot. CrispyCam makes music for you to get krunk to. His song fuck a friend just currently dropped on Apple music. The track has very nice production and packaging. The beat is simple but yet responding at the same time making it very catchy. The entire squad of paid and full  ent is definitely onto something.

This artist sticks out from others in his lane and so does his group with his personality. You want to learn more about Crispy Cam after hearing his music. Not only that you also want to follow him and learn more about him.  He does a very good job to at keeping me engaged and I know his fans.

It is safe to say as I was able to talk to the man that he really is about what he makes the music about. Now and days a lot of artists fake the funk and their image. This is not the case here the artist really lives the lifestyle he portraits.  It seems that he might be able to progress further as an artist and musician all I think he needs to do is get his music in front of more people. More faces that see his music will then turn quickly into fans and easily be converted.

Always on the grind, on the contrary, he is already in the mix of working on a new project. More projects and content will make it easier for int he future when the artist starts doing promo. This is so that he won’t be a one hit wonder people who discover him will always be able to hear other tracks and realize that this artist is the truth.


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Bass Santana live performance

Bass Santana Florida rapper has been killing live performance shows.  The artist might go down in history as a legend. Bass Santana doesn’t only know how to make music and bring energy on stage to give a good live performance. Also, some people don’t know Bass Santana is also a producer.


Strong Fans

Not to mention Bass Santana has a cult following of fans.  I have seen his fans spam blogs to post his music. He has stayed humble after fame he has received and even plays fortnite with some fans. From a business standpoint, he is doing good at branding and packaging on projects. Recent project before the mosh has gained over thousands of views.


Future Fashionista

Fashion wise I wouldn’t be surprised if Bass becomes a fashion icon in the future of his career. Correspondingly he is a natural when it comes to piecing together fits. It would be really awesome if he had a shoe collab I can see my self buying that sneaker. By the same token there are so many aspects that this artist can run in the arts.


I can see him as a actor

Even acting as I see the music video that thought and it looks very cinematic and he killed it. He has also made a very nice cameo in the Sad Music video by XXX Tentacion.


My Prediction

With members only volume 4 coming out I really see the whole team about to win. Furthermore my prediction is we will see this artist gain gargantuan amounts of more fans if he drops another project and an Interview on an honorable platform. Not only but also if Bass goes on a tour I see him gaining a lot more fans. He truly is a performer. I can see him outperforming bigger artist on there own tour and gaining their fans like how Ski did with Rob Stone. Uniquely this made Bass Santana an awesome person to write an article on below are some photos from a recent live performance.

Bass Santana Live Performance Photos

To bass be the glory

live peformance photo

Bass Santana live performance

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Photo Credits :dellyx3._

Top influential Fan pages On Insta

These are just a list of some fan pages that deliver rare content and really control what is seen on the explore page for your favorite artist. Not only that fan pages are now starting to gain a lot more followers and power it seems. Having good strong fan pages is a huge factor in the success today for an artist. Fan pages also seem to control the wave of memes and good memes is good for any artist below I list the most influential fan pages on Instagram the order I list them doesn’t matter.


Lil Uzi Fan Pages

Playboi Carti Fan Pages


Slime Sito next artist to come out of Atlanta

Slime Sito is the next major artist come out of Atlanta Georgia. Sito has a unique style and flow. Not onlty that the artist has gained a cult following from making music and keeping it real. On sound cloud he has been raking in hundreds of thousands of views.  Slime Sito has also been featured on plenty of honorable platforms such as Elevator gaining the attention of many and thousands of views on videos. Not to mention his music has also been featured on huge projects like K$upreme flexmuzik2  and he has been seen in music videos with Lil Wop and has a lot of other associates that are even bigger. Besides the music the artist also has his own sense of personality so you want to follow him. I suggest you check him out.



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24hrs Featuring. Ty Dolla $ign Lit

Artist 24hrs drops a banger with Ty Dolla $ign titled lit . 24 Hrs has been making some noise recently with recent songs on World star that has dropped.  Not to mention the artist has been making a lot of noise on twitter. There isn’t a lot of information out on 24hrs besides one or two interviews but he does make really good music so I am following him and supporting the movement for now. You can listen to the song lit below .





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