New York up an coming artist Unodavid drops Basic! produced by juggmingo. Unodavid has been on the rise in 2018 getting recent press throughout the year from websites like broke2dope. Not to mention establishing a strong online presence gaining thousands of views on Sound cloud, and reached over 10k+ on Instagram with an occult following. The following seems to be a young crowd and mainly a female audience that has endless possibilities. His music can consist from either club bangers, introverted, chill, and on the contrary playful and fun.

Regarding this current track basic the production is very simple and effective. The melody is fun and playful. The vocals are well mixed and mastered you can tell the engineer put time and effort into this. Uno David has a unique vocal sound that is cloud hip-hop, auto-tune and his own style put together. Uno David’s music sticks out from the pack with his uniqueness and his image as well. The artist is very fashionable and knows how to dress and might have a career in fashion in the future.

I suggest that everyone give his past works a listen on Soundcloud, and follow this musician on all social media platforms and invest in him while you have the chance. The artist has future songs with hype to drop such as On tha block featuring Slime Sito produced by Ronny J . With that said my prediction is mid-2019 Uno will have signed a deal with a major powerhouse label.

Where you can you follow unodavid?

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