CrispyCam fuck a friend just dropped and it is already hot. CrispyCam makes music for you to get krunk to. His song fuck a friend just currently dropped on Apple music. The track has very nice production and packaging. The beat is simple but yet responding at the same time making it very catchy. The entire squad of paid and full  ent is definitely onto something.

This artist sticks out from others in his lane and so does his group with his personality. You want to learn more about Crispy Cam after hearing his music. Not only that you also want to follow him and learn more about him.  He does a very good job to at keeping me engaged and I know his fans.

It is safe to say as I was able to talk to the man that he really is about what he makes the music about. Now and days a lot of artists fake the funk and their image. This is not the case here the artist really lives the lifestyle he portraits.  It seems that he might be able to progress further as an artist and musician all I think he needs to do is get his music in front of more people. More faces that see his music will then turn quickly into fans and easily be converted.

Always on the grind, on the contrary, he is already in the mix of working on a new project. More projects and content will make it easier for int he future when the artist starts doing promo. This is so that he won’t be a one hit wonder people who discover him will always be able to hear other tracks and realize that this artist is the truth.


If you want to follow CrispyCam we linked his platforms below.

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