Month: July 2018

Top influential Fan pages On Insta

These are just a list of some fan pages that deliver rare content and really control what is seen on the explore page for your favorite artist. Not only that fan pages are now starting to gain a lot more followers and power it seems. Having good strong fan pages is a huge factor in the success today for an artist. Fan pages also seem to control the wave of memes and good memes is good for any artist below I list the most influential fan pages on Instagram the order I list them doesn’t matter.


Lil Uzi Fan Pages

Playboi Carti Fan Pages


Slime Sito next artist to come out of Atlanta

Slime Sito is the next major artist come out of Atlanta Georgia. Sito has a unique style and flow. Not onlty that the artist has gained a cult following from making music and keeping it real. On sound cloud he has been raking in hundreds of thousands of views.  Slime Sito has also been featured on plenty of honorable platforms such as Elevator gaining the attention of many and thousands of views on videos. Not to mention his music has also been featured on huge projects like K$upreme flexmuzik2  and he has been seen in music videos with Lil Wop and has a lot of other associates that are even bigger. Besides the music the artist also has his own sense of personality so you want to follow him. I suggest you check him out.



You can follow slime sito below.

24hrs Featuring. Ty Dolla $ign Lit

Artist 24hrs drops a banger with Ty Dolla $ign titled lit . 24 Hrs has been making some noise recently with recent songs on World star that has dropped.  Not to mention the artist has been making a lot of noise on twitter. There isn’t a lot of information out on 24hrs besides one or two interviews but he does make really good music so I am following him and supporting the movement for now. You can listen to the song lit below .





You can follow artist below.

ThouxanbanFauni Ft. Lil Uzi Vert Jeans (Remix)

Lil Uzi fans are mad as they believed he was going to drop a project named “Eternal Atake” due to fan pages and other sources leading this but no project but on the contrary, ThouxanbanFauni drops a song featuring artist Lil Uzi Vert Jeans which is a remix.  In my personal opinion I like this song a lot you can listen to it below.

You can follow ThouxanbanFauni below.


Trippie Redd’s girlfriend Angvish is now dipping into the music field. It was known that Angvish / Aylek$ did make music for a while now it is just recently starting to get promoted and gaining attraction on social media. Aylek$ has a song out called no feels and she has a very melodic style and is already standing out from other artists with her image and energy she puts into her music. She already has a successful career gaining a lot of fans but sadly her original Instagram account got disabled at 900k . It is easy enough to say she will have way more fans than when her account was disabled and you can listen to the song no feels below.



Famous Kid Brick song bling is straight fire

Famous Kid Brick is an artist from Tampa Florida who has been making some buzz in the Florida scene. Famous Kid Brick also participates in charity events and gives back to the local Tampa community. Famous Kid Brick has been working hard this year landing a performance at Rolling Loud, meetings with roc nation, interviews with people such as Dj Smallz and a surplus of streams in music it is safe to say that we will be hearing a lot more fame and notoriety from this artist in the near future in a couple of months.



You can follow Famous Kid Brick below

Swag Hollywood previews new music

Swag Hollywood makes his fans go crazy as he drops some snippets of new music about to drop. Swag Hollywood has been working hard this year he previously performed at Rolling loud and killed his set not to mention gaining new fans daily with humorous videos like him doing the shiggy challenge.



You can follow swag hollywood below.

$teven Cannon new video no hook

$teven Cannon drops music video – No Hook produced by ROBMAKESBANGERS. The music video has a lot of nice unique visual fx and the song goes crazy. $teven Cannon has been gaining a lot of traction over the past few months and has helped a couple of artist out. $teven Cannon has unique turnt style. You can watch the video below. Watch the video for No hook below.



Follow $teven Cannon below.

Buzzing artist 10 cellphones drops banger bread up

North Carolina artist 10 cell phones dropped another hot banger bread up. A classic sound he brings to the table as always, this is a mellow track you can kick back and roll a blunt to. 10 Cellphones has been making some noise in the underground scene for some time now and making some noise in his city this is definitely an artist I would invest my time into. 10 cell phones never seemed to disappoint me you can check out the track below.




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Photo creds:@rawcommnc


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